Nicola & Scott

Nicola & Scott’s wedding was held in the Watsons Bay area, with a ceremony at “The Catholic Parish of Our Lady Star of the Sea” church, with photos at Macquarie Lighthouse, and a reception at Dunbar House.

The weather on this day was extremely rainy and windy. Remember the day those pools in Collaroy fell into the ocean? That was this day.

That didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits, or wipe the smiles of anyone’s faces though. It only strengthened Nicola & Scott’s resolve to enjoy themselves and have a great time together on their wedding day.

The bride and groom stayed overnight at Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel the night before, and I met them here in the morning.

I got photos of both of them getting ready with their friends and families before heading to the church for the ceremony.

Luckily at that time it wasn’t raining, and Nicola was able to get inside without getting wet.

The ceremony was elegant, though at times I thought the roof was going to fly off due to the creaking from the strong wind outside.

After the ceremony the wind had picked up, but the rain had stopped for that moment, so we headed to Macquarie Lighthouse and got a few photos up there.

Everyone held it together beautifully despite the extreme wind.

It was then time to head inside for the reception at Dunbar house, where the Bride and Groom would spend the night partying and enjoying time with their friends.

Thanks for having me be part of your day.

Congratulations Scott & Nicola!