The classic Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.-5.6L IS (affectionately known as the “dust pump”) has been around for the last 16 years, and has been a great cost effective, versatile lens for shooters who want good image quality while maximizing zoom range. Its replacement has now been announced: Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.-5.6L IS II.

The new design boasts improved image quality, Canon’s new anti flare “Air Sphere Coating” (ASC), improved build quality, a new tripod collar design, and a 4-stop image stabilizer.


While the new lens sounds much the same as the old model, the new design does away with with the old push-pull method, and now features a traditional rotate zoom operation. The tripod collar has also been improved to rotate and is features a quick release mechanism to easily pull away from tripods and monopods. The magnesium barreled lens has had improvements made to it’s durability and weather resistance too. The lens hood also features a neat little hidey-hole slider to access filters.


The old lenses image quality was about average for a professional series lens with a big zoom range. The new design boasts massive improvements in image quality which will make the lens the first choice for photographers who need a huge-zoom telephoto lens.

The price in Australia has not yet been announced, but in the US has been set at $2,199 with a release date of December 2014. The price here should be around the same (maybe a few hundred more) and release shortly after the US.